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Get certified and show your commitment to creating a more inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities.


Fostering Inclusive Workplaces:
Your Partner in Progress

Disability Inclusive Workplace is India's first and only certification program that recognizes companies that are creating inclusive workplaces for persons with disabilities. Our goal is to create a more inclusive India for people with disabilities. Our objective is to make it easier for businesses to establish workplaces that cater to individuals with disabilities.

We believe that by working together, we can create a more inclusive India for persons with disabilities. Our goal is to make it easier for companies to create disability inclusive workplaces, and we believe that our certification process and consulting services can help them achieve this goal.

Why Choose Accessible Bharat?

Foster inclusivity and gain recognition for your efforts.

Elevating Excellence

How your company will thrive post the “badge”

Consultation and

Receive expert guidance and support through consulting services, including assessments and recommendations.

Workshops & SMEs

We bring in experts to do workshops with your team, understand and improve your policies for compliance and support your inclusion events.

Implementation and Recognition

Implement recommended strategies and receive recognition for your disability inclusive workplace efforts.


In addition to the Disability Inclusive Workplace badge, Accessible Bharat also offers a range of consultancy services to help companies create more inclusive workplaces for persons with disabilities.

Training & Workshops

We provide training and workshops on a variety of topics related to disability inclusion, such as disability awareness, sensitization, reasonable accommodations, and accessible design.

Policy development

We help companies develop disability inclusion policies and procedures that are compliant with applicable laws and

Accessible Tech

We help companies develop web and app experiences that are accessible to persons with disabilities. We provide guidance on how to use assistive technologies, how to make changes to the user interface, and how to test for accessibility.

Accessibility Audits

We conduct accessibility audits of a company's premises and/or websites to ensure that they are accessible to persons with disabilities.


Paving the Way for
Accessible Bharat

Because an inclusive workplace isn’t a good to do; it’s a must do.

Mark James 10 Aug, 2018

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